Key Fob Plastic Cards

Key Fob Plastic Cards

LOW COST Key Fobs are small but large in any marketing campaigns

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30mm diameter118138198298379449549798
45mm x 15mm7898158228319389479728

  • A Small Platform with a lot to say!!

  • These are the type of plastic cards you can attach to your key rings, small in size but useful in looks and design. Whilst being small in size and discreet they act as a useful commodity to any loyalty marketing campaign. Most types of retail supermarkets use this type of plastic key card for marketing strategy as they are a brilliant and impressive advertisers tool. Most customers and clientele will attach this useful key card to a bunch of keys, guaranteeing that the message on the key card will be seen and noticed everyday of the week!!

    Key fobs have a high retail value and are produced by E-Printing at a very competitive, and low prices so they earn their own rewards!

    Key Card Numbering and Barcoding is key to your customer or client personalisation, giving you more information about your customer or client purchasing trends so that you can keep ahead of the game!!

    Marketing & Customer and client insight is key to personalisation, every card via the bar code numbering offers this solution to any successful campaign, furthermore, E-Printing take great steps in security of your numbering and barcoding.

    Key Fob Security is a major priority at E-Printing, so your barcodes are printed onto the cards first before the lamination. This way it ensures that your barcodes are protected from any type of scratching or tampering, another process that reflects and guarantees our product quality. Unlike standard key fobs any secure data like barcodes will stay protected for years.

    Buy Plastic Key Fobs in Highest Quality

    When it comes to designing the plastic cards, there are few thingsthat might lead to producing the perfect ones in just one go. The plastic key fob cards make life simple for the customers. We offer scratch, smart and key fobs cards to our customers at affordable costs. The custom printing on business card is done efficiently as per your re, then gives an order and save money via online. There are things that you could explore from online portal including the plastic key fob cards and scratch cards. We are the best in industry and leave no loops behind to give customers quality product.Our products cater to those who enjoy scratch cards and wish for custom printing. We give them a broad platform to ask for more. For more information, please log into our portal and explore a number of options and get in touch with our executives for any concern.We would love to give you a thorough walkthrough of all our services and products so that you may choose each accordingly without any hassle.

    So for your secure plastic key fobs at an affordable price contact us today!

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  • Key Fob Plastic Cards

  • Signature strip Embossed words or numbering Gold/silver foil Magnetic Strip Bar code or sequential

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    Standard plastic cards Full vibrant colour, great quality with gloss finish - standard credit card size with rounded corners; ideal and can be used as a base card for every type of function.



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    • Plastic cards printing process: Litho.
    • Full colour printing plastic cards double sided.
    • 0.76MM solid PVC plastic card
    • Size: 86mm*54mm.
    • Same size and thickness as banking credit cards.
    • Free designing for full colour plastic cards order larger than 500.
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    We are a leading printing company and a professional supplier of low price and great quality key fob plastic cards around the world. We provide you with the high quality standard plastic cards which are cheap in price. As a leading supplier, we can ensure you that our membership key fob plastic cards are of great value.

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