Metal VIP Membership Card

Plastic VIP Membership Custom Card Printing

Stunning metal cards, metal VIP cards or metal business cards.

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  • These metal cards are chemically etched using electrolytes through the process of electroplating.

    The metal cards are then screen printed with spot colours allowing us to the ability to apply signature strips, numbering and barcodes. The gold cards are gilded with 18K-24K gold surface processing.

    Worldwide delivery on all cards.

    • These metal cards are pure metal and can be silver, black or gold
    • Gold colour is created with 24K gold gilded for that stunning effect!
    • Fully customisable shapes catered to all artwork available
    • Full colour printing on logos and text
    • Size: 86mm x 54mm
    • Weight: 10 -15g
    • Turnaround time 10-12 working days

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  • Metal VIP Membership Card
    Metal VIP Membership Card
    Metal VIP Membership Card
    Metal VIP Membership Card
    Metal VIP Membership Card
    Metal VIP Membership Card
    Metal VIP Membership Card

  • Signature strip Embossed words or numbering Gold/silver foil Magnetic Strip Bar code or sequential

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    Standard plastic cards Full vibrant colour, great quality with gloss finish - standard credit card size with rounded corners; ideal and can be used as a base card for every type of function.



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    • All prices are exclusive of VAT.
    • Plastic cards printing process: Litho.
    • Full colour printing plastic cards double sided.
    • 0.76MM solid PVC plastic card
    • Size: 86mm*54mm.
    • Same size and thickness as banking credit cards.
    • Free designing for full colour plastic cards order larger than 500.
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    We are a leading printing company and a professional supplier of low price and great quality metal vip membership card around the world. We provide you with the high quality standard plastic cards which are cheap in price. As a leading supplier, we can ensure you that our membership metal vip membership card are of great value.

Classical VIP Membership Cards Are For Sale

The membership cards are the good ones for the business to get a number of the customers and also building the relationship with the regular shoppers easily. The VIP Membership card is printed in one of our famous company. We are printing it with the full care and also in the high design. This will be more beneficial for the business firms to give discounts and offers to the purchasers easily. This will be a new identity that will help the customer to feel that they are special.

Various card materials

The membership cards that are manufactured by our company will be more prestigious and also this will attract new shoppers very much. The membership cards come with various materials like plastic, aluminum, steel, gold, and many others. The cost of the cards and the type of metal and the design you want can also be customized in our company. You will find the good finishing of the card and this will give the shining effect. The VIP Membership card will be in the various prices and also it is printed with the barcodes and other secret numbers that can be accessed only by the computer. This is much cost-effective and also this will increase the beauty of your business place.

VIP Membership Cards to Promote your Business

Call it what you need, this present "customer's club" requires unique plastic VIP Membership card and offers a wide range of "members just" limits and advancements. In this article, we'll present some data about the advantages of a plastic VIP Membership card program in your UK business. These membership cards are much effective tool for marketing in this time. Many of business houses like to get these cards to attract their members and present themselves. It is not so much costly just little bit as compare to paper cards.

Get Creative with Membership Cards

Consider custom VIP Membership card as one-on-one marketing gadgets. When you single out your best clients to get plastic reliability cards, you're really doing some very savvy marketing. In case you're set up to right away issue a custom plastic card to any client who needs one, it's essentially sure you'll increment both traffic and deals. The general purpose is to make your clients feel extraordinary and advantaged. For whatever length of time that you will burn through cash on plastic card printing, why exclude key labels too. Key labels are as compelling as plastic ID cards on the grounds that they're profoundly unmistakable marketing gadgets. Key labels can be encoded with OCR or standardized identifications to make them readable by present day money registers. What's more, since it's conceivable for the client to have their keys close by while they're looking at, it's simple for them to remember to show their key label when it's required.

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