Security Printed Plastic Cards

Security Printed Plastic Cards

Security printing offers protection and security to your plastic card.

  • We take your Security Plastic Card Printing Seriously; we make every endeavour to make sure the tight security protocol is followed with all our procedures in place ready to meet your demand. 

    Security printing features like invisible UV printing and holograms could be applied on plastic cards. Our Experienced staff is always here to help with your Business Requirements.

    So contact us today for your Security Plastic Card Printing.

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    Invisible UV printing: Printed letters or images can only been seen under UV light. Ideal to prevent Fraud & Fakes. Heat Stamped Hologram: Hologram is heat stamped on plastic cards just like credit cards.

    Security features offered

    Your personal details

    Fields A, B and C of record your surname, first names, date and place of birth.







    A - First five characters of surname. If the surname is less than five characters the remaining spaces will be made up using the figure 9. (eg MAN99)

    B - The first and last numbers are the year of birth. The second and third numbers are the month of birth. added to the second number and the total used as the second digit e.g. if you're born in October the second and third numbers would be 60. The fourth and fifth digits show the day of your birth

    C - The first two initials of your forenames. If you have only one initial then the second will be a

    D - Computer check digits.

    E - Customer issue number


    Black and white photo of the user. This is because the laser technology used to burn the image onto the card producing a black and white photo is more secure.


    This can be digitally reproduced and burned into the card.

    Holographic feature

    This feature is similar to a hologram but more clear as it has definite lines and brilliant colours. It appears to turn colour as you tilt the card in different directions.

    Changing image

    This security feature is an image that changes both shape and colour depending on how you tilt the card.

    This security feature is personalised according to the data on the card. It contains the last five characters of the customer number changing to the month and year of the photo expiry which appear and disappear depending on how you tilt the card.

    Unique identifier

    Cards are to be pre numbered by the card manufacturer. This number is laser engraved onto the card.

    Colour changing ink security feature

    The colour of the shape changes from green to gold depending on how you tilt the card.

    Other security features

    We can offer tactile (raised) surfaces, tactile engraved text, changing colours as well as complex background designs.

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  • Security Printed Plastic Cards

  • Signature strip Embossed words or numbering Gold/silver foil Magnetic Strip Bar code or sequential

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    Standard plastic cards Full vibrant colour, great quality with gloss finish - standard credit card size with rounded corners; ideal and can be used as a base card for every type of function.



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    • Plastic cards printing process: Litho.
    • Full colour printing plastic cards double sided.
    • 0.76MM solid PVC plastic card
    • Size: 86mm*54mm.
    • Same size and thickness as banking credit cards.
    • Free designing for full colour plastic cards order larger than 500.
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    We are a leading printing company and a professional supplier of low price and great quality security printed plastic cards around the world. We provide you with the high quality standard plastic cards which are cheap in price. As a leading supplier, we can ensure you that our membership security printed plastic cards are of great value.

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