Plastic Scratch Cards

Plastic Scratch Cards

Plastic Scratch cards offer longevity and security

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  • Its the itch everyone loves to scratch; these cards can be such a fun way for any type of marketing,
    with lots of advantages. Our Scratch cards are very low priced and you get loads more for your money.

    Scratch cards can have lots of uses, and can sometimes be overlooked by marketing campaigns,
    these cards are very popular in any method of topping up credit, pre-pay, games,
    the list just goes on and on, so on your next campaign try our scratch cards and see how they can evolve.

    Guide To Prefer Good Plastic Scratch Card

    Lots of scratch cards are used by many people in these days. Choosing manufacturer for a scratch card we are offering the best quality of product our clients. Plastic cards are created to use conveniently in a customized way. Plastic Scratch Cards helps to increase values of purchasing. We are creating a number of plastic cards for several purposes. We are experts in manufacturing starch cards for different usage. Finest quality of cards is printed with proper information. We help to enhance using it for buying any product from the online site. Our standard materials are used for manufacturing cards. It gives more heat resistant than the PVC cards.

    Pick best starch cards:

    We consider terms and condition for creating it. We are manufacturing, supplying and exporting it to different places. Yet now, we are working for top companies for manufacturing cards for their employees. In the industry, we have achieved a lot and targeted client for our company. You get the top solution from our professionals. Besides, experts undergo the right process for printing cards without making any mistakes.

    You can acquire waterproof, durable and starch off products from our experts. We are enhancing the value of your company and offer special value for potential clients. You get a warranty for the products from our suppliers. We help to improve your sales and traffic of business. At cost-effective solution, you can find best items from our manufacturing company. We produce the high volume of cards to process shopping without hassle.

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  • Plastic Scratch Cards

  • Signature strip Embossed words or numbering Gold/silver foil Magnetic Strip Bar code or sequential

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    Standard plastic cards Full vibrant colour, great quality with gloss finish - standard credit card size with rounded corners; ideal and can be used as a base card for every type of function.



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    • Plastic cards printing process: Litho.
    • Full colour printing plastic cards double sided.
    • 0.76MM solid PVC plastic card
    • Size: 86mm*54mm.
    • Same size and thickness as banking credit cards.
    • Free designing for full colour plastic cards order larger than 500.
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    We are a leading printing company and a professional supplier of low price and great quality plastic scratch cards around the world. We provide you with the high quality standard plastic cards which are cheap in price. As a leading supplier, we can ensure you that our membership plastic scratch cards are of great value.

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