How to make 3D lenticular business cards?

Lenticular graphics can be described as specialized images which when viewed under certain circumstances will produce 3-D or animated sequences. The technology of this product consists of two main elements-a specially prepared (interlaced) image that contains data from two or more graphics which is placed in precise alignment with a lenticular lens. The lenticular lens isolates, magnifies, and displays the image data from each individual graphic according to the angle of observation. 

Attract New Customers By 3D Lenticular Business Cards

Are you looking for the lenticular business card for attracting a wide range of people for your business? You are at the right destination. 3D Lenticular Business Cards are the right choice for your business purpose because it will support you to increase your brand images at the same time improves the online presence without any hassles. Unlike any other options, 3D Lenticular Business Card is the right choice for you to get more customers.

3D Lenticular Business Cards for Business Promotion

Nowadays, the majority of people give importance on engaging in the suitable business platform to meet the needs. Business plays vital role for many individuals to make bigger change in lifestyle. Mainly, the business enterprises focus on unique way to promote the business as well many ways available. Those who want to promote the business brand give importance to grab the latest business cards. 

How 3D Lenticular Business Cards Improve Business

3D Lenticular Printing is considered as the most amazing process that mainly creates the images with astounding illusion of motion and depth. In fact, it is convenient to add more than a single image in the vertical flips with maximizing the space opportunities according to the message. Of course, it would be convenient to make the business stand from the rest using this ultimate 3D Lenticular business cards. 

Plastic Scratch Cards - the Perfect Choice for Promoting

Plastic scratch card has the security feature and it works for a various organization in several ways. The cardholder can use them at the purchasing point for fundraising, instant promotions, incentive, and others. Are you planning to the big party? You can use the scratch card for getting discount on products and it is used by the charities for organizations.

Plastic Card – Design & Print your own Plastic Card

The plastic card can be designed & printed in any colour and you can show your company logo, patterns and design giving it the corporate image.  The plastic card makes for an ideal advertisement ‘billboard’ for your company 

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2 Part Snap off plastic cards – Wallet & Key Sized Plastic Cards

2 Part Snap off Plastic Cards Production

The 2 part snap off plastic cards come with a wallet size and key card sized attached PVC card which snaps in two. There are different types of PVC cards available, the Member card production process is divided into frosted card, transparent card, matte card, glossy card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card;

Plastic Membership Cards for your business is a must

Membership cards are generally referred to the general identification card, including shopping malls, hotels, fitness centers, restaurants and other consumer sites, membership certification, their use is very extensive, where it involves the need to identify the identity of the place, can be applied to the identification card.

2 Part Snap-off cards – Double the Impact for your Business!

2 Part Snap-off cards can be printed and designed with your logo and message or corporate image. The 2 part snap –off card, which is plastic snaps off in two parts being identical so you get 2 plastic cards, the smaller one is used mainly as a key fob, and the other tends to be ‘wallet size’.

Plastic Cards – For Today's Modern Business!

Plastic cards can be printed with the company logo or a variety of designs and patterns for the corporate image. The plastic card makes for an ideal publicity feature for the company and is the carrier for advertising your company. Customers use the membership card for many various reasons such as discounts, attract new customers, retain customers, enhanced customer loyalty. The plastic card can offer so much versatility within businesses. 

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