Business Card Design Trends for 2017

Marketing and design are both continuously evolving disciplines. As new technology comes along it often brings with it new trends, designs and styles.  

In this social media era, have you even looked at your business card recently? is it up to date with your current information, colors and logo? If not, it could be time to start on a new design.


When you start building a new business card design there is a lot to think about from colors to fonts, and even the material it is eventually printed on. Many designs come down to what is currently trending in design to show your clients that your company is up to date.

Here are some of the top business card trends we are seeing for 2017.


Die Cut Cards

Custom Shaped Cards, or Die Cut Cards, are consistently one of our top requests from clients. The ability to create a unique card shape that fits their product or business is immediately eye-catching, and will stick in a client's mind longer than a traditional business card size.


Clear Business Cards with a Flood of Color

One of the features available on plastic cards that is not available on paper cards is the option to print on a clear plastic card surface. Our clients love having the ability to print a slight flood of color while keeping the transparent card effect.


Embossed Cards

With the feeling of a credit card, embossed cards are complete with raised letters and numbers. These cards exude elegance, and take your cards to the next level.


Metal Business Cards

Printing a metal finish on plastic cards has many benefits that our clients love. Not only are they more flexible and fit better in a wallet, but they also won't set off metal detectors. After all, how good are your cards if you can't bring them through airport security for your business?


Foil Business Cards 

Add a little sparkle to your branding with foil accents on your cards. Whether you decide to have your company's logo or even your name highlighted, it is guaranteed to get a second look from your prospects and customers. A big trend recently is to incorporate multiple colors of foil on a single card.


Spot UV

Our clear plastic cards give a great alternative to traditional Spot UV printing by printing on the reverse side of a clear plastic card. When you move the card around, the light will catch the gloss finish of the plastic making it shine. Another great option to achieve this look is to utilize our foil stamping option.


Photo Booth Props

Interactive business cards have been and continue to be a very popular choice for our clients. When you hand someone a unique photo booth prop-style card, chances are they are going to immediately start playing with it. To get the most out of these cards, include a hashtag on the card and encourage clients to share photos with these cards socially.


Frosted Business Cards

Similar to clear business cards, our frosted business cards are very eye-catching because they give a transparent card look, while minimizing the area behind the card. They also feature a silky-smooth and luxurious texture, which brings your business cards to the next level.


Matte Finish

Our premium press offers a matte-textured finish that screams prestige. Once you hand your card to someone, they are going to hold on to it a bit longer just to feel that texture.


Let our team of expert consultants help you design a custom business card that will last the test of time.

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