Design tips for 3D lenticular business cards

Everyone loves to play with cards irrespective of their age. That’s the power 3D lenticular business cards, you get a marketing tool that builds an unforgettable connection when you make a wise choice of having 3D lenticular business cards that everybody loves to play with.

Your sales get energized when you hand out 3D lenticular business cards and wait for the response because they are fun and effective. These 3D cards can tell an animated story in two or three flips create the fun and play the business part also. Most people play with the flips over and over because they are fascinated by the wow factor. They might show it to others and your card can make a journey from one hand to others who play with the card as well. The best thing about 3D lenticular business cards is when you hand out a lenticular business card; it demands a response that leads to open a conversation.

Lenticular printing on plastic cards reproduces full color, photographic-quality images. It can create a range of effects from morphs to animations to 3D Depth. Lenticular cards are not expensive, they just cost a little more than standard boring business cards but they demand attention as their eye candy effect is irresistible.


What effects are available?

· Flips are perhaps the most basic and popular effect. With a quick turn of the wrist, this lens flips from one image to the next.

· Animation effect offers up to twelve frames of animation should be designed with continuity & fluidity.

· Zoom is very necessary because the images will leap out at your audience in stunning 3D manner.

· 3D depth effect is the equivalent to real 3D Depth on a card. This is the most popular effect with the recent influx of 3D films, nowadays.

The best thing about 3d business cards is that they are not difficult to design. You need to consider few things:

· For lenticular cards, the bleed must be made bigger.

· Avoid fine, small, or thin type and use bold fonts.

· Avoid using solid color backgrounds, especially white in your images.

· If you go with colorful textured backgrounds, the animation effect would be much more noticeable.

· There are few other rules you should follow while setting up the front of a lenticular card.

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