How to make 3D lenticular business cards?

Lenticular graphics can be described as specialized images which when viewed under certain circumstances will produce 3-D or animated sequences. The technology of this product consists of two main elements-a specially prepared (interlaced) image that contains data from two or more graphics which is placed in precise alignment with a lenticular lens. The lenticular lens isolates, magnifies, and displays the image data from each individual graphic according to the angle of observation. 

Lenticular cards can be created in many different shapes, from 3D lenticular business cards to larger sheets and everything in between. The cut can be made in different shapes and be used for different marketing purposes. Different dimensions and shapes are created with diecuts... circular, oval and much more intricate shapes like hands, trucks, houses etc. can easily be designed for even more dramatic effects.

How to make 3D lenticular business cards?

1. Images are divided into strips and interlaced


2. 3D lenticlar sheet is laid on top of the doubled-up image


3. 3D image sequence represents 2 different view points of the same subject. Lenticular images combine digitally interlaced printed or photographic image with rows of optical grade lenses. These interlaced images, printed directly to the back of the lens, focus light on different strips of the surface and magnifies whatever image is there. Viewing the image from different angles – by moving – creates the desired illusion.


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