Large plastic key fobs are great value

Large plastic key fobs are rectangular in shape usually used as Hotel Key cards, they are resilient to breaking chipping or snapping, are for general heavy duty usage. They are great value as they rarely break and have a long life span. Large Plastic Key fobs come with a hole in for attachment purposes. They are unique and cost effective.

Large Plastic Key Fobs have so many uses and are a great marketing tool, used in great numbers for concerts and event’s, they can even become a collector’s item. You can be sure that the Large Plastic Key Fob are produced to last giving a longevity product to your customers and clients alike!

These are a perfect solution for Hotels, Hostels, Leisure Centres, Changing Room type places where the Large Plastic Key Fobs are a must. Sometimes a metal ball chain is used in type with this product or a key ring. 

Large Plastic Key Fobs are heavy duty and quality perfect, produced by E-Printing. They can be ordered with any artwork and in any spectrum of colors, which do not fade. Logos and Brand Names can be added to the artwork along with the usual extras of numbering or signature strips etc. There is no minimum requirement for orders and our excellent quality will enhance any artwork or design. So order your Large Plastic Key Fobs today!

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