Metal VIP Membership Cards are something very special

Metal VIP Membership Cards are something very special, there is weight and prestiege to the VIP membership cards when your member or client holds one of these metal cards they know the quality of their club standing.


Any artwork or design will stand out as a superb feature to this metal VIP card, they are stunning to hold and even better to offer to your elite establishment.

Artwork and designs really stand out and are actually etched onto the metal card so the artwork and design offers longevity. The metal VIP membership cards offers so much to your company and the additional extras you can apply to the cards gives more security to the metal VIP card itself.


The metal VIP membership card can have lots of different finishes and can have the additional extra sparkle with the 24k gold gild offering a more stunning and expensive look the VIP Metal membership card.  The metal cards are fully customised to your brand shape offering a more unique to your company metal card that will reflect this.  


These ‘high end’ VIP metal cards are very unusual and are a must to any customer or client base they show a quality finish in every sense and encourages the general public to hold this entity. If your product is quality then there is no better way to enhance this by offering your customers this type of VIP Metal Card. The advertising will far out-weigh the cost of production and costs on E-Plasticcard VIP Metal Membership Cards.  


So make sure this is your first choice of membership card, put some weight behind your message, adding the sparkle will certainly aim to please – so order yours today and bring that sparkle to your customers…

The metal VIP membership card weighs in at up to 15grams so you know you are holding just pure gold!

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