2 Part Snap-off cards – Double the Impact for your Business!

2 Part Snap-off cards can be printed and designed with your logo and message or corporate image. The 2 part snap –off card, which is plastic snaps off in two parts being identical so you get 2 plastic cards, the smaller one is used mainly as a key fob, and the other tends to be ‘wallet size’.


This ‘double impact’ plastic snap-off card makes for an ideal carrier for advertising your company of company products and services. Customers use the 2 part snap-off cards for lots of reasons including membership cards, discount cards, enhanced customer loyalty cards. These 2 part snap-off cards just offer so much with regards to marketing initiatives and incentives. The 2 part snap-off plastic card can offer so much versatility within businesses, and even gaining much more opportunities.  It certainly does give the Double Impact!


Companies wanting to offer loyalty schemes with the 2 part snap-off plastic cards, look no further we have the 2 part snap-off  Plastic Cards to suit every Company Requirements!


2 Part Snap-Off Cards Can Be Used for Any Type of Marketing Project!

Plastic cards / membership cards / loyalty cards / discount plastic cards / points card / store cards / swipe plastic cards / scratch off plastic cards / ID plastic cards / event plastic cards.  The 2 part snap-off cards are the platform and base card for your project.  The 2 part snap-off cards are also made in plastic so therefore are cards waterproof, offering longevity, so ensuring further value for money!


In addition to the 2 part snap-off cards is the colour printing, and the 2 part snap-off cards also have auxiliary procedures which make the 2 part snap-off card offer so much more


Bar Codes on 2 part snap-off cards

The 2 part snap-off cards can be printed with barcodes which can offer the company issuing them a secure platform as to a computerised system that will have registered the barcoding details. Again the 2 part snap-off card is the base for the barcode to be displayed clearly and cannot be tampered with.


There are many further additional features that can be adhered onto the 2 part snap-off cards, and they are great once snapped they are two individual marketing devices that can work for your company strategies.


2 part snap-off card / 2 part snap –off plastic card / 2 part snap-off membership card / 2 part snap-off Loyalty Cards

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