Plastic Cards – For Today's Modern Business!

Plastic cards can be printed with the company logo or a variety of designs and patterns for the corporate image. The plastic card makes for an ideal publicity feature for the company and is the carrier for advertising your company. Customers use the membership card for many various reasons such as discounts, attract new customers, retain customers, enhanced customer loyalty. The plastic card can offer so much versatility within businesses. 

Companies wanting to offer loyalty schemes with plastic cards, look no further we have Plastic Cards to suit every Company Requirements!

Plastic cards / membership cards / loyalty cards / discount plastic cards / points card / store cards / swipe plastic cards / scratch off plastic cards / ID plastic cards / event plastic cards.  Plastic cards are the platform and base card for your project. Plastic cards are waterproof, of high-quality print giving brightness, longevity and are not easy to deface so offer true value to companies.

In addition to the plastic cards is the colour printing, plastic membership cards also have auxiliary procedures which makes the plastic card offer so much more.

Signature Strips on Plastic Cards

Plastic cards within your design you can have a signature strip or more than one, which gives the owner of the card more ownership value, and offers a flexible design to incorporate the owner being able to write on the card and offers more security at the same time to the ownership of the plastic card.

Scratch off surface on Plastic Cards

Scratch Off surface offers a security feature to this type of plastic cards, they are generally used for gaming or security code or pin number uses. Much more of this type of card is used with great printed designs to help promote prizes etc. The plastic card is the base for this type of product and basically promotes itself.

Bar Codes on Plastic Cards

The plastic cards can be printed with barcodes which can offer the company issuing them a secure platform as to a computerised system that will have registered the barcoding details. Again the plastic card is the base for the barcode to be displayed clearly and cannot be tampered with.

Embossing on Plastic Cards

Embossing on plastic cards are generally the type used on plastic bank cards, the embossing can be tipped in various colours such as gold, black or white or they can be simply the design on the card.  Embossing on plastic cards is attractive and at the same time enhances the product features.

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