Plastic key fob is a very efficient marketing tool

Plastic Key Cards, simply plastic cards on a much smaller scale that can offer so much more versatility as it can be attached to your key ring. These mini plastic cards are the perfect solution to a loyalty, discount or membership schemes.  They can be produced attached to a normal plastic card that just snaps off or printed in units of single or in 3’s like a tri-card with the identical information. We are the perfect Key Fob Suppliers, we offer perfect printing and quality color perfection to meet your needs.

Plastic Key Fobs Suppliers produce a ring of plastic key fobs that can be printed with personalisation, numbering, barcoding, there is a range of additional features to set the Plastic Key Fob into production and get your brand and message out there. 

Plastic key fob is a very efficient, convenient and a very effective marketing tool, they are one of the most popular plastic cards around and the usage on these is phenomenal, from supermarkets, gym memberships, health clubs, insurance companies the list of companies that utilises this product is outstanding. 

The miniature plastic card is a great way to get your product or services noticed and the plastic key cards are sure to always be at hand.  Plastic Key Fobs can be bespoke to any shape or designs, this is a very cost effective method to have them printed in the 3’s if there is no personalisation required, saving you even more money! 

We are the main Plastic Key Fob Supplier in UK so Order your cheap Plastic Key Fob Cards today and get your small message across to an even greater usage!!

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