Plastic key tag can offer much versatility within businesses

Plastic Key Tag is made of Plastic and printed with company logo or a variety of designs and patterns for the corporate image. The plastic key tag is made of a robust plastic and is waterproof, it is also of high quality print giving them brightness, longevity and are not easy to deface. The Plastic Key Tag makes for an ideal publicity feature for the company and is the carrier for advertising your company.

Your customers will use the plastic key tags for many various reasons such as discounts, membership, and many other reasons for keeping their cheap plastic key tag close by. The plastic key tag will attract new customers, retain customers, enhance customer loyalty. The plastic key tag, plastic card can offer so much versatility within businesses.

Create a tag card scheme for your business with plastic key tags made in plastic, the mini cards that are just perfect for loyalty or discount schemes. The tri-tag key card format allows you to supply your customers with three of the same type of key plastic cards. This enables them to keep spares, or they have enough for varies sets of keys or family members to use.

This versatile 3 up key fob style can be customised using online design tools or by uploading existing artwork easily onto the ordering system. Personalisation is key on the plastic key tag, either with barcoding, numbering or even a signature strip.  With no personalisation you can just snap of and give to individual clients or customers and make more of a saving!

Plastic Key Tag with ring is a great marketing tool, offers lots of scope for your marketing success, these are great ‘little earners’ and the cost per unit is very low, with a high pay back!

Plastic key tags are the handiest smallest plastic card to have in your marketing arsenal so orders yours at E-Printing, great quality guaranteed and at a low price!

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