Simple way to get 3D business cards printing online

Hologram offers an unique style enhancement to business cards. Unique artwork and designs will certainly enhance business cards with these features. The holographic features offer a truly translucent colourful laser look business card. The holographic look on the business card gives a very futuristic look and feel to the card, a foil shine that stands out and grabs anyone’s attention, with super designs these cards do stand out, and at E-Printing we can ensure your holographic artwork will be enhanced on our Holographic Business Card Print.

You can also create a business card by giving it a 3D look will enhance any design and give your business card more impact and attraction. This helps give the movement effect and brings the Business Card to life. 3D Business Card Printing offer more depth to your design by offering 3D to your design instead of the standard 2d, it gives the business card enhancement and focuses the artwork to the eye. 3d artwork can be a stroke of genius by making the card look bigger and feel bigger!

Images are divided into strips and interlaced, the lenticular sheet is laid on top of the doubled up the image.  Finally, the 3D image sequence represents 2 different viewpoints on the same subject design. 3D Business Card is basically 2 different images together when the card is tilted or moved the lenticular process is worked by the light to show movement on the card! 3D business cards easily makes any message stand out on your business cards. 

There are lots of simple ways by getting a 3D effect on your printed business card and lots of advice online on how to simply achieve these effects. So once you have your 3D design then you need to get your 3D Business Cards to be printed by E-Printing.





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