Some Clients Inquiries of Plastic Card in December 2018

E-Printing is a professional Plastic Card Company with hundreds of designed templates that enable you to design your business cads on-line, you can just choose a design, fill in the relevant details, then we can manufacture your custom plastic card quickly. And we can offer you the dramatic impact of full-Colour gloss art at exceptional attractive lowest prices. Because full-Colour is our forte, only full colour printing can provides accurate, detailed, brilliant reproduction of your originals, make your images happen. 


As we know, there are lots of benefits of plastic cards, such as to create contests, improve sales, promote the existing or new services and products, create brand awareness and others. So our plastic cards are highly demanded by the market, we got a lot of inquiries from our customers every day. Today we would like to share some with you.


1.Name: Troy A****

Email: troya****@A****


Inquiry: Hello, we would like to design the entrance card of our company. We have attached our company information. Have you had some similar design modes for us to refer to? We will order at least 500 entrance cards. Looking forward to your early reply!


2.Name: Alice W****

Email: alicew****

Tel: 9708****

Inquiry: We need membership card for our customers with different colors and designs. Can you help us? Please contact us as soon as possible.


3.Name: Karen R****

Email: karenr****

Tel: 3261****

Inquiry: I want to have a special business card to give to my customers for I am working in the sales department. I will send you my information and I hope I can choose from your suggested business cards.


4.Name: Paul L****

Email: paull****

Tel: 7428****

Inquiry: Hello, I am running a toy store and I want to order Die cut shape cards which can attract the eyes of the kids and also with my store name on it. Can you manufacture them according to the toys in my store? I have sent you the pictures.


5.Name: Terry F****

Email: terryf****@J****

Tel: 5352****

Inquiry: Can you manufacture 300 photo ID cards in a week? We have designed them well and you can have a look at our attachment and contact us.


6.Name: Vannessa C****

Email: vanes****

Tel: 0726****

Inquiry: we are producing cookies with boxes, and we would like to put in rounded cards to introduce the products. We will design with you together.


7.Name: Anna J****

Email: annaj***

Tel: 3904****

Inquiry: We would like to get ready for the Christmas. Please design on Christmas theme, we will give these plastic cards to our customers and friends.


Don’t hesitate! If you want to have plastic cards, you should contact the top Plastic Card Company, please feel free to us at or visit



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