Why are key fobs card made of plastic?

Plastic is one of the most used materials daily without being aware of it. The alleged, the materials are so advantageous as to be a material of the first order? Today we analyze the advantages of plastic.

Low Density

– Plastics have a low density, which may be optimal for many of its uses. Basically, because they are extremely light.


– An interesting aspect is that plastics are electrical insulators; the current is not driven through them. In turn, they are also thermal insulation. However, they can be damaged if exposed to very high temperatures.

Very resistant material

– Plastics are very resistant materials, which has encouraged them to be used largely for human consumption. For example, plastic key fobs card. They allow the food inside them to be conserved optimally and without fear of damaging their surface.


– Plastics can be handled easily. This allows them to be used to create very complex elements, without spending excessive energy or resources.


– Plastics are very resistant to corrosion attacks by chemical agents. This fact makes them indispensable for containers and packaging of all kinds.


– The versatility and wide radius of use, makes plastics are used in all areas. From agriculture, to architecture, to the aeronautical industry.

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