Standard Plastic Card


  • Size: 86MM*54MM (same size as credit cards). Corner radius 3.81mm
  • Material: on 600 Micron (0.6mm) solid plastic card
  • (NOT encapsulated cards with paper inside)
  • Full colour printing both side.
  • Amount:1000
  • Price:£205
  • Turnaround Time: 8-12 working days.

  Smooth Matt Laminated finishing (Free 20)
  Rough Matt Laminated finishing(Free 0)
  Add A6 300gsm card carrier, matt laminated with euro slot, and glue plastic card on(185)
  Add Bar code or flat printed sequential numbering(25)
  Add Embossing Number(45)
  Add hi-co Magnetic Strips(68)
  Add lo-co Magnetic Strips(45)
  Clear or frosted cards(20)
  Golden surface of the embossing number(0)
  Encoding of the magnetic strip(20)
  Add Signature strip(45)

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